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How it all began


I'm Alessandra, the founder of River Left. No offense to your oversized t-shirt, but it just feels better to lie around in silk.

In 2018, I was preparing for my first migraine surgery. I went on a search for something to feel both comfortable and pretty in while I recovered. I wanted something that would make me feel beautiful as my surgery would leave me with a pretty rough recovery.

To my dismay, I discovered there weren’t enough options for nightgowns to fit my needs. Most of the dresses were too frumpy to feel glamorous in. The other dresses were sex costumes, too revealing to walk around my parents’ house in, where I’d be recovering.

This is what lead me to create River Left. I set out to design something to feel chic in while at home. Classic sleepwear inspired by the left bank of the Seine.

Our items are made of buttery-soft, washable silk sewed together with French seams so that they feel just as good as they look. Bonus - they’re sustainable.

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A little about River Left

1. We use washable silk to make our comfortable, luxurious, and low maintenance items.

2. Our garments are ethically manufactured with sustainable materials and high quality construction.

3. Our designs are meant to outlast a season, so you can wear and treasure them for years.

4. Our pieces are meant to flatter an array of body types and skin tones. We want everyone to feel beautiful in our garments.

5. Our silhouettes are timeless, feminine, and flattering creating an attractive and classic look with a subtle hint of sensuality.

River Left Washable Silk Luxury Elegant Nightgowns, silk nightgowns, in this image 2 women wear white short nightgown and pink short nightgown, womens sleepwear

What we stand for


We want everyone to enjoy and feel gorgeous in our garments. To ensure our creations would flatter everyone, we developed our designs with everyone in mind, trying our styles on diverse body types and skin tones. We want to express our inclusion with actions instead of words.

Slow Fashion and Quality

Our garments are designed to last years, not months. Our construction is high quality with great attention to even the finest details. We include sneaky facets of durability like our French seams and heavier-weight, silk.

Sustainability and Ethical Manufacturing

It took 2 years to find our first manufacturing partner. Our factories are evaluated on fair wages, reasonable hours, and environmental initiatives. We use the same factories as your favorite ethical designer labels.

Our silk is processed in a Bluesign®-Certified Dyehouse. This certification ensures that over 900 potentially harmful chemicals are not involved in the dying process.

Our garments are made in a LEED-Certified Factory. LEED is a rating system for energy efficiency at every level of operation.

Some of the environmental initiatives our factory partner has implemented include use of natural light where possible, hybrid electric system with solar and wind energy, advanced water cooled air conditioning, and reduced carbon emissions.

About our silk

Buttery soft is the best way to describe our washable and sustainable silk.

Silk is ideal for sleepwear because it's a natural temperature regulator known to keep the body cool in summer and warm in winter.

Silk is also hypoallergenic and gentle on skin and it is one of the strongest natural fibers available. It can help avoid sleep creases which can eventually cause fine lines and wrinkles.

elegant long black silk nightgown

We are a women owned business

Alessandra Corona, founder of River Left sleepwear, small business female founder, she wears an elegant long black nightgown with a black blazer

Our founder, Alessandra Corona, grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. She received her BFA in Industrial Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. After working in the industry for 6 years, designing everything from infant toys to makeup brushes, Alessandra started her own product design consultancy, Big Bright. She started River Left as a side project in 2018 and has grown the venture from there.

Her speaking engagements include the IDSA Women’s Conference and ADV DES Lens Sessions.

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