River Left was created with the idea that style has a place in the home.

I'm Alessandra, the founder of River Left. No offense to your oversized t-shirt, but it just feels better to lay around in silk.

My goal was to provide women with luxurious pieces to answer emails in, do a 7-step skincare routine in, or just slip into after a long day. 

Coming from a background of industrial design, I wanted to create pieces that were gorgeous but also practical. That's why I spent over 6 months finding the finest washable silk. Who want's to dry clean something they sleep in?

Since this was a passion project, I had time to focus on sustainability and ethics. Read more below on what River Left values. 



It is a responsibility, not just a selling point. 

River Left's approach to sustainability is slow fashion. Slow fashion is the counterbalance of fast fashion. It is the concept of slowing down rapid clothing consumption and buying fewer, better things. We insure the longevity of our nightgowns by:

1. Meticulously sourcing the finest fabrics that feel good on your skin. 

2. Using high quality construction.

3. Creating pieces with timeless designs so they will to be coveted for years and years. These will not just be trending this season. These are classic pieces. They are meant to always be desirable.


Environmental Certifications

Our silk is made in a Bluesign®-Certified Dyehouse. This certification ensures that over 900 potentially harmful chemicals are not involved in the dying process.

Our garments are made in a LEED-Certified Factory. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a rating system for energy efficiency at every level of operation. Some of the environmental initiatives our factory partner has implemented include: use of natural light where possible, hybrid electric system with solar and wind energy, advanced water cooled air conditioning, and reduced carbon emissions.


Ethical Manufacturing

Our standards are high. It took 2 years to find the perfect factories. We use the same factories that produce your favorite ethical designer labels. 


We are set to launch in late Fall 2020. 

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Contact us

Shoot an email to love@riverleftsleep.com.