Why "River Left"?

River Left is a reference to the Rive Gauche (the left bank of the Seine in Paris). It is not just a place but a reference to an earlier time when this area was filled with artists, philosophers, and writers. 

Today, the Rive Gauche is a place of refined elegance and culture. On a day on the Rive Gauche, you might wander the streets and pop into a perfumery, enter the gates of the Rodin museum garden filled with sun soaked sculptures, or sip a St. Germain cocktail at a tiny woven cafe table. 

A key theme of the collection is travel. Putting on a River Left nightgown transports you to a glamorous hotel room, with the windows open, relishing in soft sheets with a cup of coffee and a macaroon. A mini vacation to a mental place of total relaxation.